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Ahiler Development Agency provides financial support to projects and activities that ensure the implementation of regional plans and programs of the private enterprises, non-governmental organizations, public institutions and organizations, universities, professional organizations with public institution status, local governments and their associations, cooperatives and their associations and other real and legal persons, provided that it is clearly stated in the annual work program and application guide. The financial support provided by the agency is divided into three; direct financing support, interest support and interest-free credit support.

1. Direct Financing Support

a. The call for proposals is to invite potential applicants whose qualifications are clearly identified within the scope of a specific support program to submit a project proposal in accordance with the pre-determined issues and conditions.
b. Guided Project Support: Guided projects are special model projects determined by and under the leadership and direction of the Agency in line with the priorities foreseen in the regional plan without applying the call for proposals method.
c. Direct Activity Support: The support of Agency for activities that will contribute to the development of the region and benefiting from important opportunities in terms of competitiveness, to taking urgent measures to prevent threats and risks to the regional economy, and to the initiation and implementation of strategic actions that may be important for the region, such as research, planning and feasibility studies being of the essence.

2. Interest-Free Credit Support

Interest-free credit support is a complimentary aid by the agency for the projects of profit-oriented real and legal persons as specified in the application guide prepared by the Ahiler Development Agency, providing that loans are given by the relevant intermediary institutions and this financial support is repaid in installments without paying interest to the agency in accordance with the procedures and principles specified in the Development Agencies Regulation. In interest-free credit support, the beneficiary is granted a minimum grace period of at least three months from the date of the contract, and repayments are completed within a maximum of four years from the date of the contract.

3. Interest Support

Interest support is the complimentary aid covering projects, as specified in the application guide  to be prepared in advance by the Ahiler Development Agency, of the profit-oriented real and legal persons that have the qualifications specified in the application guide, providing that the interest expenses to be paid in return for the loans received from the related intermediary institutions will be covered by the Agency. 

4. Technical Support

The aim of the technical support to be provided by the Agency is to provide support in areas that are important in terms of regional development of local actors in the region, but where problems are encountered during the preparation and implementation stages due to the lack of institutional capacity and knowledge.

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